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DIfference In Volage Regulators

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I bought a 67 SS about a month ago and I have been having a ball ever since .... EXCEPT, I noticed the top of the battery wet ... Sure enought, the voltage reulator was working overtime ( 19+ volts ) I shopped around and found a $13 one from Advance Auto ... Napa and Carquest had ones costing around $45 . I also notice that the $13 one was very light in weight compared to the Delco unit the previous owner had in the car. My question is , What's the difference in technology and/or performance ? I am assuming that any new one would be solid state, right ??? I did have to drill a hole in the side mounting of the $13 one to accepts a capacitor and ground wire ... I added a volt meter to the car and I get a steady 14 volts ... I just want to understand what's up and insure that there's no need for concern here ... thanks in advance ... sdtsdt
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The light one you bought was probably a solid state one for the price you paid. Good chance it was made by Wells. It does not allow you to put out any more current, but otherwise improves the circuit like an internally regulated alternator. Response time and control is more accurate than a mechanical regulator. Not affected by temperature. Drop in fit with no wire modifications. I've got a lifetime warranty on mine and paid $11.00.
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