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Diameter of '71 SS steering wheel?

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Okay, I know this is going to sound a little crazy.

My '71 Chevelle long ago lost it's original SS steering wheel and it's now time for me to buy a replacement. That's when I realized I'm not sure what the original diameter was... 15"? Surely not 16"...

Anyone have a tape measure handy? :)

Also, I'm looking for any suggestions or personal recommendations... I don't want to go with a true repro SS wheel, but something in that style (and size obviously). I"m looking at everything from Grant to Flaming River, etc.etc. and I pawed my way thru the pic gallery to see examples, but to no avail. Anyone have an aftermarket SS-style wheel that you're really happy with?

Thanks to all..

Phoenix, AZ
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My '71 has the optional 4-spoke SS wheel and measures about 14 3/4" diameter. It is similar in appearance to the later Z-28 wheel but the rim is not as thick and does not have the "texture" that the Z wheel has. I love it because it looks good and is small which is really good with the quick ratio and P/S.
And your link to your pictures were perfect! :) Thanks so much... I think I found something similar to that style...

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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