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Maybe one of the electric gurus can answer this. I saw a rare gm stock wiper switch for a 79 camaro with (pluse wipers) for sale on ebay a few months ago, ended Dec. 1 2001(item# 598391366)sorry didn't save the picture in file. Printed picture is poor quality.
Maybe someone can figure out the wiring to make his own. Looks like it was an add on for under the dash with a rotating switch (pot). What does GM mean by (pulse)? I don't have GM part#.

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I believe the term for it is intermittent wipers, but who cares, they sure beat the hell outta 2 speeds.

You can buy a box prewired from JC Whiney and other places like that - It'll run ya 15 bucks.

My friend did have the wiring diagram for one, but Ive been begging him for it for like a year - with no luck.
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