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Decisions, decisions.......

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M&R Engines.....Any experience??

I need a new engine for my Chevelle & am torn on what to buy. Originally I was going to buy a Fast Burn 385 & install the Hot Cam kit. Then I discovered that Scoggin-Dickey sells that setup as their SDZZ430B (that is found here: ). Then I found they built what they call their SDZZ465B (465 HP with 440 lb. ft. of torque) {that one can be found here: }. The prices are a little higher than buying the Fast Burn 385 & adding the Hot Cam kit myself, but I don't have to do any of the cam/rocker arm installation. Pace Performance is now offering a ZZ4 Turn Key engine for only$4,539.95, which is a screaming deal for a ZZ4 complete with carb, starter, fuel pump/fuel line, air cleaner, plugs & plug wires (you can find that one here: ) . The problem I have with all of the above offerings is GMs use of cast pistons. Further along in my search, I discovered a company out of California that has been featured on episodes of American Hot Rod & in several magazines. Their engine is 100% brand new & makes excellent power. You can see the engine I am wanting to buy here:

It comes with a 2 year parts & workmanship warranty (the ones from Scoggin-Dickey only get a 90 day warranty). The 383 from M&R Engines is priced right in between the ones from Scoggin-Dickey & uses a better crank & rods than the others. I would like to keep my purchase price low, but at the same time, I believe that an engine with forged pistons will offer more long term peace of mind. Can anyone give me some input as to the longevity of the GM ZZ engines?? Would the 383 be the better choice?? I don't mean to slam you all with so much information & so many links, but this is a big purchase for me (my last engine cost me $140 out of pocket!!) & I want to get something that will last a long time, but will also be able to stand up to a little 'hot rodding'. Any help/input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Forged pistons are not really a big issue if you are not going to shoot nitrous or race. The M&R one you will need to add a carb. The GM models have Hypers not cast pistons. Run quieter, a little tighter ring seal.
2 year warranty will give you peace of mind. GM offers 90days on all performance parts.

Might post with a topic titled "M&R Engines, anyone use them?"

Good luck
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