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Dealer abuse,again?venting

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My wife got a new (to us) '02 Chevy truck Sunday.They said to bring it back today and they would fill the tank and wash it (it was dirty from the dust storm Saturday).She took it in today,waited a couple of hours and got the truck back.Hosed off,and with 30 additional miles on the odometer.Which she didn't notice until later in a rush to get back to work.This was on her 45 minute lunch break as well.I haven't noticed anything mechanically wrong,the engine bay is dirty like it's been down dirt roads when it was spotless before.No rubber splattered on the quarters or wheel wells.
We know this was supposed to be a courtesy thing they did(?),which we regret now,but I sure hope it doesn't turn out like the Mustang thread of the same topic on here.This is a Buick-Pontiac-GMC dealer,btw.
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Are you sure she got the right truck back???
Funny thing happened to me was: I took my truck in for some warranty work, dropped it off in the am and picked it up at the end of the day only to drive 25 miles home and realized I had the wrong truck. I called the dealership and the service department was closed. Well, I kept it until the morning and called them to returned it, no harm to the truck except the 50 miles I put on it.
Now, here is the other funny part my truck was not fixed yet because they had to order parts. "Sir, Sir we need that truck back because it is going to the "Pre-Owned" dealership" My reply: "Thanks for loaner now get my truck fixed and call me when it is done and I'll bring this truck back!" :D

"Dealerships" Should be called "Extorsionist"
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