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I am getting ready to assemble my engine. parts are as follows.
383 sbc
-20 wiseco forged pistons .030 over
vortec heads with minor cleanup and spring and retainer upgrades
forged crank 1 piece
6.0 inchh-beam rods
lunati 54761 hydro roller cam with 1.6 rockers
.512/.512 lift with 227/[email protected]
the card says intake closes at [email protected]
the block will be zero decked to within .003. and should put static at 9.4
I plan to use the felpro .039 gasket.
when I use the pkelley calculator it is for seat timing and the lunati card is for @.050 and not sure what to do.
any help is greatly appreciated.
I would like for this motor to run on 89 or lower octane any ideas there too.

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DCR is about seat timing, not .050 numbers. you need the intake closing point where the cylinder is physically sealed. You might look at the Lunati site for more detail or call them on the phone.
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