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Does a dash pad for a '69 remove like one for a '70? I've got a friend with a '69 that wants to replace his and I'm not sure if it removes like my '70.

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Nope- 68-69's are a PITA to remove. Have to remove the plastic dash first- and I really mean remove it- all the bulb connectors and everything- then you have to remove the glove box.

There are a series of nuts that run the length of the underside of the pad that hold it on- and some that come in from the front too(above the glove box)

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just removed mine last night, I will go count the screws and bolts, hang tight I'll be right back.

o.k.,im back, to remove my dash pad, I had to drop the steering column. 2 5/8 nuts and a 5/16 to loosen the gear indicator on the column. then take the screws out of the gauge panel and pull out enough to get a SHORT phillips screwdriver into the opening and remove the (5) screws that point up.
you have (7) 3/8 barrel nuts that also have to be removed. 2 of these are pointing down toward the floor in the opening where the gauge panel is. you cant see them you will have to feel for them. 3 are pointing down in the opening where the glove box opening is, again you cant see them, feel for them. the final 2 point toward the front of the car in the glove box opening. yea real easy
its not as bad as it seems just take your time. hope this helps


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