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Dash board screws - size and type - 71 Chevelle

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Unfortunately I'm missing my dash board screws for my '71 Chevelle. I've searched this website for a couple of hours and could not find where someone gave the screw dimensions other than #8 cup washer screw, phosphate.

Can anyone tell me what the lengths are for the 6 screws or even part numbers from outlets like Fastenal?

Thank you.
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Contact Mr. G's Enterprises. They sell a kit with every possible interior screw for your exact vehicle. You get a big baggie with lots of little baggies with a sheet explaining which baggie is for which part of the interior. I bought one for my El Camino from him and it really paid off. Here is the link: If I remember correctly it was fairly cheap. Under 20 bucks, maybe close to 10 bucks.
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