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Went to take the '96 Explorer to the dumps this morning, and it didn't want to start. Finally gave it a little gas and it started and ran fine. After a minute I thought better not get stuck at the dump so I shut it off and tried it again. This time it just cranked and cranked but would not start at all. So, I transferred all the bags of xmas wrapping etc. to the El Camino and took off. Oh, and funny thing, there was a '74 EC parked there, I soon found out it belonged to the lady in the booth. Anyway, when I got home I tried the Explorer again, this time it started after a few seconds, a little rough about 5 seconds then fine. I ran it a few minutes and tried again, still good. Just now after 1-1/2 hours I tried again and it started right up again. I thought at first fuel pump was bad, maybe it was stuck and is OK now, or it's dying? Any suggestions?? I'll need it if we get snow again and January is coming.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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