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I picked up a pair of vortec heads that are in great shape. Upon closer inspection I found while they are the same casting number...they are not an exact match.

There are very minor cosmetic diffrences to the outside of the casting.......and one has had pc seals installed, while the other still has the original seals.

My question is, while they both appear almost new.........I am wondering if one has been resurfaced since they are not a pair.

Is there a point on sbc heads where a measurement can be taken to see if they have been shaved, or can one only cc the chambers, or something else.

Thanks for any help, Kevin

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You should be able to tell by looking at them. the Vortec heads usually have a pretty ugly finish from the factory.
If there are cutter marks or grinder marks that are circular they have been surfaced.
And as Paul said, best to cc one chamber in each head,, only takes a few minutes.
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