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cyl pressure to high?cam to small?

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i have a 468 . im running manly 50 cc dome pistons with 990 heads. my cam is a solid flat 258/268 at .050 lift 595 621 intake installed on a 105 i have noticed that my starter was working very hard so i reworked the distributor so it had less initial advance and it starts good . i did a cold compression test and its between 215 and 220 . thats cranking until it stops rising. with the throttle open. is this to much? that has to be 240 hot. im just thinking i should have added more cam. i can say one thing it is responsive .thanks
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I will watch this with intrest as ill be runing 12.5:1 with a high torque starter and 153 tooth flywheel. and will need to learn a few things along the way this is my first high comp engine.
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