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Custom bench seat for El Camino

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I want to build a custom bench seat for my 69 Elky that will look something like a Teas Design streetrod bench;i.e lumbar support on both sides,fold-down center section,curved driver & passenger seating area sort of like individual bucket seats and cover it all in Black synthetic leather. Has anyone done something like this for their Chevelle or El Camino bench seat? How hard is it to sculpture the foam?
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Kinda hard to believe everyone is running stock seats out there.
Teas Design makes the bench seat I want in my car. I'm going to call them this week and see if they will build one for me.
I called Teas Design today and talked to Tom. He said they could build any of their custom bench seats to fit my car with tweed cloth,for around $900. Leather would bump the cost up to around $1700. I've seen lots of streetrods with tweed interiors but strangely enough,I can't remember any in Black. Does anyone have their interior done in Black tweed? If so,could you post a photo?
FWIW,Glide Engineering builds a custom bench seat for 64-72 Chevelles/El Caminos but it's over $1100 in cloth.
Originally posted by kamino69er:
$900 :eek:
The interior in your Elky doesn't look too low-budget,either. :D
Teas Design seats are very high quality and that quality doesn't come cheap.
Originally posted by Importtech:
If you want to try to sculpture the foam yourself,
try using an electric bread knife. I've always used one to cut and shape foam on all the jobs I've done. I'm sure there are other ways but its worked for me for 20 years...
I have some pics you might want to look at...By the way I get up your way occasionally. I have folks in Jacksboro.
Nice Malibu you have there. Next time you're going to be up this way,drop me a line. Maybe we can get together and compare notes over lunch.
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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