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I just rebuilt my CS 130 alternator, after I found it at the junkyard. The inside was clean, but needed new bearings. I tested the rotor and stator and found no shorts or grounds. I bought new bearings and brushes, and sprayed new varnish/insulation on the rotor and stator windings.

After I get the think back together, I take it to the parts store to have it tested. They report the charging voltage is 10.5 volts. AC ripple is zero (good). "Lamp on" voltage is 3.64 (good), but "lamp off" volts is 0 (bad). So, it failed the "Lamp off" volts and charging voltage. I took it to another parts store and they said that when it was energized, it seemed to produce full current and stalled their machine. I don't know what the lamp on/off means though...

To me this sounds like a bad voltage regulator. What do you guys think?
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