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CS130 alternator and gauges

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I have a 66 with gauges. After reading the tech article on doing this conversion, I was wondering if you need to do anything differently when running gauges? Is the brown wire still hooked up the same even though it has no light in the circuit. Is this brown wire just switched off the ignition switch? I was looking at a wiring diagram and I couldn't figure it out for the gauge car. Thamks Bill
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I have looked at a couple of schematics and they all run two wires off of the bulk head connection on the firewall. One to the ignition switch and the other to the idiot light bulb. No other notes on theses wires, like they sometime make for the gauge car. One wire brown to the light, the other I think is brown with a white strip to the ignition switch. Don't have the schematic here in front of me, it is down in the shop.

Anyway, my present charging system gave up the ghost, so I wired in a S1 that I had, according the tech article and everything worked fine.

I am still wondering about that wiring though and how it works with no idiot light.

Thanks Bill
John, that makes sense. Thanks again, Bill
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