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CS130 alternator and gauges

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I have a 66 with gauges. After reading the tech article on doing this conversion, I was wondering if you need to do anything differently when running gauges? Is the brown wire still hooked up the same even though it has no light in the circuit. Is this brown wire just switched off the ignition switch? I was looking at a wiring diagram and I couldn't figure it out for the gauge car. Thamks Bill
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Don't have a 66 gage schematic but doesn't yours show a brown resistor wire from the ignition switch to the alternator?
Doesn't need an idiot light. A resistor wire from the ignition switch does the same thing. Provides a voltage to the field upon turn-on. Internal or external alternators work the same. Even some idiot light cars have a resistor wire in there in case the lamp burns out.
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