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Hi guys, I just finished converting my alternator to a new CS130 style. I re-did the wiring and made the new harness just like the tech reference article says, but i am having some problems. The voltmeter only reads about 12.5 volts constant, and jumps to 14 every now and then, then back down to 12.5. It doesnt seem to be doing any harm because i have driven me elki all day and all night for two days and the battery hasnt died yet. The gen light comes on real dim when the voltage is at 12.5 and goes off when it spikes to 14. I am not sure what i could have done wrong, could it be the harness and wires are just worn out?


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Sounds like you might have a finicky connection somewhere.

I did the same conversion about a year ago but I never tested how many volts were in the system
I just drove it and after the battery never went dead I stamped it "success"
I'll check my volts later and see what they say.

Also, probably unrelated, there is a wire that you spliced that has power when the ignition is on only. I originally used this wire to activate a relay for my electric fans and it was causing the gen light to come on very dim at low rpms, I think it was a brown wire that used to connect to the external regulator. Might want to check the connection on that wire and make sure you soldered it properly.

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