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Crush collar won't crush

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Putting together a 12 bolt. Put in a new Ratech #3111 crush collar and got up to 300 ft/lbs on the pinion nut and couldn't get more than 10 in/lbs of preload. Was afraid to go any further for fear of stripping pinion nut. Took out that crush and got new one from Strange. Compared the 2 with a mike and the Raytech was .020" longer. Put in the Strange and got the recomended 18 in/lbs preload at 160 ft/lbs on the pinion. Anybody run into this?
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One more thumbs up for the shimmable spacer for setting up the rear-end. Not that I have a ton of experience, but the spacer made setting up my rear end MUCH easier (and made the eventual pinion yoke swap a lot easier as well). Well worth the extra ~25 bucks from summit.

My Dad (70 this year) has been running them for years on the street in his Ferds with no ill effect.
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