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Crower Solid Roller, Initial treatment...

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What are you guys doing with your solid rollers when you first install them?

The reason I ask is because I originally intended on soaking them in some mineral spirits before soaking them in motor oil and then installing them.

Well, my Crowers came with a card that says DO NOT wash the lifters before you install them. Something about taking some coating off the roller.

What is the proper treatment? Especially for Crower brand.


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My thinking was maybe they meant something else when they say "wash".
Like do not use a detergent. That would leave it open to something like mineral spirits.

The lfters have fuzz and other particles stuck to them from the cardboard box. Who knows whats in the lifter body oil passages. I don't feel comfortable just soaking them in oil right out of the box.

That's why I'm rasing the point. This (in my mind) is the most failure prone piece of the engine. I don't want any doubt in my mind.
That's what makes sense to me.

I can't seem to get anyone but the receptionist on the phone at Crower today.
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