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Crower Solid Roller, Initial treatment...

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What are you guys doing with your solid rollers when you first install them?

The reason I ask is because I originally intended on soaking them in some mineral spirits before soaking them in motor oil and then installing them.

Well, my Crowers came with a card that says DO NOT wash the lifters before you install them. Something about taking some coating off the roller.

What is the proper treatment? Especially for Crower brand.


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I don't normally use the Crowers but with Isky I soak them in solvent, rinse real good & drop them into a can of oil for at least a few hours, usually overnight.
If they say not to wash them call & ask how the hell you are supposed to get the crap off of them
I do not have enough faith in any out of the box part to just stick it in without cleaning so I know what I would do ;)
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