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This seems like a nice project...theguy has been trying to sell it for some time and was asking 3k, now i guess he just wants it out of the garage. The 12 bolt itself is worth some money.
Have 67' 12 bolt, 4:11 posi rear end that goes with it as well(we all now these are almost impossible to find now a days).
Probably are since Chevrolet never made a 4.11 gear set for Chevelles; 55-64 Chevrolets with removable center section, yes - Chevelles, no.

BTW, gear ratios are witten as x.xx:1 (like 3.31:1) or 3.31 revolutions to one revolution. A 3:31 would mean 3 revolutions to 31. :noway:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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