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Craigslist 383 Shortblock: Would you consider it?

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What do you think?

1. What does he mean about debris screens? I assume this is a trick option to keep the oil cleaner and the wear and tear to a minimum?

2. Also, I'm no cam expert but isn't 581/597 a pretty big cam? With the LSA and the lift duration, is this a streetable cam?

3. And I'm positive the part about a 79 Camaro is totally irrelevant?

Thanks guys.
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Screens are epoxied in the valley to keep broken valvetrain pieces out of the oil pan, good idea.common on race engines. Cam is streetable with a loose converter, good cooling system'
Price is reasonable, check cylinders,bearings for wear, could have some hard miles on it.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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