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When I purchased my Assembly Manual I was sure it had a page that showed me what each of the dents in the firewall were for. Well who knows what happened to it but...
Need to drill a hole in the firewall for the cowl induction harness that goes from the throttle kickdown to the solenoid. Can anyone tell me which one and the diameter of the hole.


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Why would you want to mess up a perfectly good firewall by drilling holes in it? You should just keep it the way it is and sell the flapper hood to me.

Just kidding, mine is about 2 inches below the lowest point of the wiper motor. That’s for the wires the go to the relay. It’s a round hole looks to be about ½ in diameter and has a strange looking grommet with a sort of nipple coming out of it. Mine had the ZL2 SPC DUCT HOOD & still has all the wiring and relays but someone that owned the car before me must have traded for a non functional (freaking moron) Anyway, I can try and get you a picture if you want.
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