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Cowl Induction Experts Please!

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I'm completely restoring my cowl induction system as part of my engine resto and there is one part I cannot find mention of anywhere in our catalogs - and being a purist I want the correct part. There is some type of screw which holds the outer cowl door to the vacuum actuator pod. None of the catalogs, YearOne, GroundUp, NPD, OPG, etc. make any mention of this "screw". When I asked our sponsor they assured me it was the same shoulder bolt as is used for the outer door hinges (the ones with the nylon bushing) but this is incorrect as the diameter of the hole in the outer door isn't wide enough. Can anyone help??? I can easily rig it with a pin screw but I know its not correct. Thanks in advance if you can answer this!

Stan Hanek
'71 SS - 454 4 sp.
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Is that my car on that flatbed????

Nice Choice in COLOR!!

Here's a link to my 72,,
JSL, Send me a pic of your 72 also!



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