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I'm about ready to start covering the front seat on my 69 chevelle and was wondering if I should start putting the hog rings on the bottom front first or the bottom back first.Is there a place I should start?
I did the back of the back seat already and it wasn't to bad but the bottom back seat was a nightmare. I had to tie the springs closed together with a hanger just to get the new cover on so I thought I better try to get some advice before I start the front seat.
Where can I buy the new clips I had to take off to get the backs apart from the bottom of the front seat.
Thanks and any help is apprreciated more than you know.

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I take it from the message, you have a front bench seat. It's been a couple of years since I've covered one, but I believe you have to fasten the bead/crease that sits just under the seat backs, area where the seat belts come through, to the underside frame prior to doing the front. There is also a steel wire in the old seat cover that will need to be transferred to the restoration seat cover. Once all the hog rings are set in the crease area you can then move to the front.

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