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Cost effective Big brake upgrade

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I will be redoing my front end on my 70 El Camino with SC&C stage 2 +kit. I added baer disks to the rear, I would like to upgrade my front to bigger disks to match, but I can't find anything reasonably priced. Also would like to replace my front springs with something stiffer without going to low(headers).

Thanks Pete
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Running BB or SB motor?
You can go with Eibach Pro spring kit, lowers car (or truck:D) about 1.5 from stock. I just did my Elco the other week......see pic in sig below.
I think the BB spring rate is 580lbs and the SB rate is 520lbs.

If you bought Baer for the rear.......why not match the front?
You could always search salvage yards or Craigslist for LS1 discs......I did with good end results.
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