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Corvelle Build (69 Chevelle + 05 C6)

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I bought my 69 SS in 1972 with $1800 leftover college money. The car was built in Atlanta and has always resided in NC and SC. It was a bench seat 3 on the floor. I was the second owner. It's first 3 years were pretty rough but she has had good care since. I drove it from 72 to about 1980 then put it in storage in my dad's 6 car garage. It stayed there 23 years until my son and I pulled it to SC in in 2003 and replaced the 396 with a 454 crate motor and Richmond Super T10 4 speed.

My son drove it during High School and didn't put a scratch on it that I could tell. In 2007 we again stored it at my dad's house in NC.

I retired in 2017 and decided it was time to fix up the Chevelle. It is a survivor and I probably should have restored it, I still had the original engine and tranny. But it is not a rare car and restomodding is more my thing. So I pulled the Chevelle to SC again in February 2020, this time with my 65 Chevy.

I am a Corvette fan and have had a C3, C4, several C5's, a C6 and currently a C7. My favorite Vette ever was my 2008 C6 the best driving car I ever have had. So I had the notion to merge a C6 Corvette into the Chevelle and create a Corvelle. The stance and all exterior will be stock SS Chevelle except wheels and tires of course. The mechanics and electrics would be all C6 as much as reasonably possible.

In June of 2020 I bought a 2005 wrecked C6 Corvette on COPART with 41K miles in running condition. It was in very good condition before I believe it was stolen and wrecked.

It is going to take me a while to catch up to the present......
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Those Varex mufflers look hi tech. Does the valve open and allow straight thru performance out the tailpipe or when the valve opens it exhausts out those vents toward the driveshaft? I've never seen those. Pretty trick!

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SS, The Varex is straight thru the muffler and out the tailpipe. Motorized valve shunts the exhaust thru a normal type muffler. So you can tune the exhaust note depending on how you set the valve (remote control). So full closed when the wife is aboard. Full open when I am alone. ;)

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Finally finished the exhaust, at least to the back of the chassis. Here are the hangers and brackets I ended up with.

Motor vehicle Tool Vehicle Automotive exterior Electric blue

I welded the hangers to the pipes and made a drill bushing to accurately put holes in the frame for the rubber isolators.

Crankset Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bicycle fork Vehicle brake

Here is an example

Automotive tire Wood Bumper Bicycle part Bicycle tire

So here is the final result
Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Crankset

I wrapped the down pipes with DEI "Titanium" wrap to keep some heat out of the engine compartment and away from my steering linkage. I made clamps from safety wire and the clamp-tite tool.

Wood Snake Scaled reptile Automotive tire Serpent

Gas Auto part Bumper Wood Metal


Tire Bicycle tire Automotive tire Wheel Automotive lighting

The only way out of the back was going under the gas tank. I'll wait till the body is on to get the correct position of the outlets.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exhaust Gas Vehicle

After all that I realized that nothing was keeping the rubber isolators from separating since I did not bolt them down. So I had to make some keepers to make sure they stay together.

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Wood Grass

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle

The exhaust was the most frustrating thing I have worked on in a while. Next up is to work on the E-brakes, make a chassis wiring harness, then the chassis should be complete.
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