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All, I've owned my 67 Chevelle since 2000, it had 69k original miles on when I bought it. Little old lady, etc. :) I've looked for replacement window cranks and interior door handles for some time. Typically I only find the later (68-on), more "rounded" styles of handles. Recently we bought a 71, C10 Step Side for my son. Now I am looking through different truck parts catalogs and I find what I've been looking for in the Brothers Truck catalog. part #s IDH0067 and IWH0067, these are listed as there "Repro" handles, $14.99 & $19.99.
I received them today, nice quality, good castings and tight rivet on the window cranks. Here are some pictures, The ones on the car are the originals with exception of the one "later model" I showed for reference;

window crank differences
67 original window crank


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