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I have a 396 and a turbo 350 transmission.It has a solid cam with a lopey idle. I'm thinking of buying a converter. Which brand is the best for the money. B&m, TCI, or Hughes. Also, at what rpm does a stock converter lock up. Maybe that will help me decide which converter I need. I was thinking of a 2000 or 2500. Thanks.

ATI in Baltimore Maryland.

ATI Performance Products Inc
6747 White Stone Rd
Baltimore, MD 21207-4103
Phone: (410)298-4343

No web site.

These guys build killer converters! I stood my 68 camaro on the rear bumper at the Sports Nationals with one of his 8 inch units and a trans brake.

For a street car I would think 3000 or less would be a good fit.

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