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Converted to SS gauges, which oil & temp switches?

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I am rewiring my '69 Malibu with a AAW classic update kit (very high quality by the way) and swapped in SS gauges while I was at it. Now I am finishing up the engine harness and need to figure out which oil pressure switch and temperature switch to run. Its a small block 350. My local parts store isn't helpful because it assumes the car has idiot lights rather than gauges...

Could someone give me a year/model that would have the right switches?

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Dale, when I try to search for the numbers you listed (specifically the oil pressure switch), I can't seem to find anything.

Also, that PS154 switch Denny listed above, I looked it up and a description said it has a '60psi pressure rating?' How do I know this is the correct one? I've noticed that you can buy switches for either 60 or 80psi. Which does the Chevelle gauge call for?

Thanks again!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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