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Converted to SS gauges, which oil & temp switches?

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I am rewiring my '69 Malibu with a AAW classic update kit (very high quality by the way) and swapped in SS gauges while I was at it. Now I am finishing up the engine harness and need to figure out which oil pressure switch and temperature switch to run. Its a small block 350. My local parts store isn't helpful because it assumes the car has idiot lights rather than gauges...

Could someone give me a year/model that would have the right switches?

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FWIW, there is no such thing as SS gauges after 1965. Gauges (and tach) were optional with any V8 in most Malibu models ( optional even for SS396 or SS-optioned Chevelles). Don't know if typical parts stores might have them but just ask for the appropriate sender for the gauge as opposed to the warning lamp.

My parts book shows #546702 for the water temp switch (69-72 All w/gauges) and #6461928 for oil pressure (69 Chevelle only). Particular engine size is not relevant.
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