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The object of this exercise is to create room for a lower driver's side mount alternator with a short water pump.

Does anyone know which non-power steering boxes will interchange? Car is a '68 small block with factory power steering.

My original '68 SS396 Chevelle had nothing but an alternator and water pump running off the crank pulley and I've always liked that. I have no problem with full manual steering, and love the idea of having the alternator down and out of the way.

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These are all manual steering boxes that will work.
Buick Special 64-70
Camaro 67-74
Chevy Pass 65-70
Chevelle 64-70
Firebird 67-73
Grand Prix 69-70
Monte Carlo 70
8cyl Monza 75-77
8&6 Cyl Monzas 78-80
Nova 68-70
Olds 64-70
Pontiac 64-70
Skyhawk 75-80
Starfire 75-80 6&8cyl
Sunbird 76-80 6cyl
Tempest 64-70

Hope this helps

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You probably already know that you will also need a manual pitman arm also.

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I got a manual box for sale if you need it, but it has a camaro pitman arm which is different than the chevelle.

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vonswanko, thanks for the heads up. It may not work for me after all. I guess I'll have to get the torch out and start fabricating something.

I haven't had any real trouble with the header bracket, but I added a piece of angle iron to mine to improve the geometry. Looks good too.

BAD415, thanks much! That's exactly the info I was looking for. Definitely more than I expected.

Tom, do you think they sell pitman arms at a local parts house?

Thanks guys!

Dave, let me know how much you want for that box. E-mail in profile is active.

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Pitman arms were available from NPD last time I looked. I tried to get one locally but the pitman arm is considered a non wearing part and was not available anywhere.

Im not 100% sure but I think that only 1964-1969 Chevelle steering boxes interchange. There may have been a change in 1970. I had a junkyard look this up in an interchange manual once and they said 64-69.

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