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Console to dash wirning harness

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I will be (hopefully) converting my 70 Malibu dash and bench seat to a Monte Carlo (SS style) dash with buckets and factory console. I have the complete wiring harness for the 70 Monte Carlo dash which came out of a column shift car. I also have the wiring harness for the console which came from a 71 El Camino.

Question - Do I need a special adapter for the console harness to plug into the dash which again came out of a column shift car or does the console harness plug right into the dash wiring harness? Thanks for any info you can provide!
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There is a different extension harness for the auto or the man trans according to M& H wiring fabricators.If the console harness came with the extension it seems it would work. Check this web site and look at their PDF online catalog and compare the part numbers and it should make more sense.

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