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Console & Dash Bulbs

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I am putting a factory console in my 69 Malibu. Does anybody know what size bulb goes into the shift indicator light socket? Is it the same as a dash bulb?

Mike Newby

69 Chevelle 355/TH200-4R
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My Year One catalogue shows two different bulbs as "Transmission Indicator bulbs". I assume one is for column shift and the other for console. Part #57 is the same as the instrument lights. Part #1445 is the other one listed and it is not the same as any other bulbs listed for a 69. My bet is that the console bulb is the #1445. I'm not sure if these numbers are universal or unique to Year One. Their phone number is 1-800-932-7663. Price is $1.95 either way.

Bob Von Kaenel
Lincoln, NE
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