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Console & Dash Bulbs

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I am putting a factory console in my 69 Malibu. Does anybody know what size bulb goes into the shift indicator light socket? Is it the same as a dash bulb?

Mike Newby

69 Chevelle 355/TH200-4R
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Well, guys, I had to chime in (I've got access to some light bulb databases

I would personally go with type #57.

#57 : 14 volts, .24 amp 3.3 watts 500

#1895:14 volts, .27 amp 3.7 watts 2000 hr life

Although the type 57 has a shorter life, it burns cooler saving wear and tear on the console plastic piece parts.

#1445 was never used in a console, only in the heater/ac control panel. It is teeny lamp, not very bright, here are the specs:

14 volts, .135 amp 1.94 watts 2000 hr. life

P.S. I like Year One, but they act like they know everything, their bulb listings are "okay", but not correct in cases, don't use them as the "final" say. If you need a bulb looked up, post it here and I'll try to help you out

Most people think a bulb is a bulb, they couldn't be more wrong. I try to go for OEM bulb #'s at all times. When they are not available, I look at #1, the power/amps which, really isn't too big of concern, but to me it is--HEAT. Nothing can cause more undo wear on 30+ year old equipment like hot bulbs. #2 thing I look at is life spans. Who wants to tear into a dash over and over to replace bulbs!

One of the biggest pet peeves I have is people that say, "I put in type 168 bulbs in the place of my '70's 194 bulbs". Bad call! For those that refuse to listen to me, try it yourself, connect both a 194 and 168 bulb to a regulated 12 volt power supply and leave them on for 15 minutes. You'll burn the s*** out of your hand when you grab the 168 bulb--any you still want to put those in your dash?!! The 194's not that dim compared to 168s, and they burn cooler. That's why I chose to keep all 194's in my vehicle--the way the factory intended

Sorry I had to chime in.
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