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console and seat ?????

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just picked up some parts and was wondering if you guys can help me console with the staple/u shaped also has a light in the back of it .how do i find out what year it came out of.and a set of buckets with the plastic cover on the back and a push button.oh and the head rest have little levers also.any help guys?
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68 console lid doesn't have a compartment lock and doesn't have a felt lined inner panel, the chrome seat belt holders are mounted low near the floor. 69 lid also doesn't have the lock but does have the felt lined panel, the chrome seat belt holders are mounted high near the top of the console. The 70-72 consoles have the lock, and plastic seatbelt holders. 70 has green shift indicator lettering, 71/72 has white. 72 will not have the neutral safety/backup switch mounted on the floor shifter.
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