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confused: '67 disc conv.

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My car had drum brakes. An older long time mechanic gave me the spindles and rotors from a 70 something trans am and said they would work. I have searched the sites and don't see this listed. What do you think? Also, the drum brakes had a distribution block I think. Converting to power disc's on the front only. Will I have to get a proportioning valve? The guy doing my restoration doesn't think so. He believes this will work.
Any replies would be greatly appreciated. I will do what I need to but I'm lost. One thing keeps leading to another. LOL
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Thanks for the input. I have everything except calipers. The mechanic that gave them to me thought they'd be direct fit. The guy doing my car was going to turn the rotors himself. He is also going to clean up and paint everything. I have looked at the kit from Ground Up and it is a really decent price. Anyone used it? How is quality and fit?
Olle, do you sell these kits? Appears you are well thought of.
As far as who is redoing my car, I live 2 hours from Chattanooga, Atanta, Greenville, or Asheville. Lucky to finally have a guy that is not ripping me off. Already went that route twice. Have friends done the same thing. Super rural here. 2 hour ride to the nearest interstate. I love it but.....
Not many people that will do quality paint underneath, inside, and outside in addition to installing engine and transmission and all other electrical and mechanical work to your car and the complete interior. So far a very nice job.
Just asking questions as I am involved in the process. Really just wanted facts.
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Ok, gonna buy a prop valve. Already have the distribution block.
Now another question: Most chevelle I have seen are using the long thin prop valve but GU and also Inline Tube website show a smaller size prop valve for a '67. It is about as big around as it is long. Pg 47 in GU catalog. Same on Inline Tube. Is there a big difference in how well they work? Also, research shows that some '67s had a hold off valve. Website stated that some cars had the two and some the three valve system. What are pro and cons of this. Got my car's shifter hooked up and trans seems to be good. Built 400 about 10 years ago but kept on a bench in the shop since. But.....
brakes are non existant. Disc's haven't been installed yet and also rebuilding the rear drums.
Thanks all. I really appreciate it.
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