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confused: '67 disc conv.

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My car had drum brakes. An older long time mechanic gave me the spindles and rotors from a 70 something trans am and said they would work. I have searched the sites and don't see this listed. What do you think? Also, the drum brakes had a distribution block I think. Converting to power disc's on the front only. Will I have to get a proportioning valve? The guy doing my restoration doesn't think so. He believes this will work.
Any replies would be greatly appreciated. I will do what I need to but I'm lost. One thing keeps leading to another. LOL
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You will probably have as much in the refurb of those spindle assy's (if they can work) as you would if you bought a kit. I used the complete used front spindle assy's from a 69 Chevelle. By the time I refurb'd them with new rotors, bearings, fully loaded calipers, de-rusting and repainting, chasing down the correct hoses and banjo bolts and copper seals, I could have paid the price for a complete front end conversion kit like Olle used (see product review section) and been done with it cheaper, easier and faster.

If you are intent on going the piece part route, you can actually use your drum spindles with a minor modification that either you can do yourself or have done very inexpensively by a local machine shop. There are several strings on this site and pictures that walk you through it. Then go to and buy the backing plates and caliper brackets. A pair of loaded calipers from the local parts house and 2 new rotors with bearings and you're done with the spindle assy's.

If you are thinking about kits, most kits will also come with the correct lines and the prop valve. If you select the right supplier, you can buy what you want, all or part of the kit, etc.etc. There are kit suppliers who are members on this forum. Check out Olle's reference, or talk to Doug at "Right Stuff".

Again, sometimes we have to go a certain route due to financial considerations, but if your time and trouble is worth anything, go with a good pre-packaged kit at a reasonable price.

JMHO. Been there. I think Olle will tell you the same thing.

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