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confused: '67 disc conv.

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My car had drum brakes. An older long time mechanic gave me the spindles and rotors from a 70 something trans am and said they would work. I have searched the sites and don't see this listed. What do you think? Also, the drum brakes had a distribution block I think. Converting to power disc's on the front only. Will I have to get a proportioning valve? The guy doing my restoration doesn't think so. He believes this will work.
Any replies would be greatly appreciated. I will do what I need to but I'm lost. One thing keeps leading to another. LOL
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JMHO. Been there. I think Olle will tell you the same thing.
Yes, Sir. :) Piecing it together with junk yard parts is possible, as long as you are able to find everything. It could possibly be a little bit cheaper than a basic kit once you have refurbished everything, depending on what you have to pay for parts, turning rotors etc. Still, paying another maybe $50-100 to get a complete kit with all new parts is well worth it, IMO.

Of course, you can do it cheaper by using the junk yard parts as they are (done that too) but you usually end up doing the job two, three times over if they don't work. And putting brake parts in unknown condition on your car kinda defeats the whole purpose.

Just for the record: I actually tried to find used parts for my latest conversion, but couldn't find any locally. If you have to order parts and have them shipped, I can almost promise you that you won't save a dime.
Will I have to get a proportioning valve? The guy doing my restoration doesn't think so. He believes this will work.
You might want to find someone else to do your restoration. ;)
Olle, do you sell these kits? Appears you are well thought of.
No, I don't sell any kits, I'm just such a nice guy. :D Seriously, I have done a few brake conversions, and have usually used junk yard part. For my latest project though, I decided to look into the kits and did some pretty thorough research. Some of the things I found out about the basic OEM-style kits were:

-Many of them (if not all) use the same spindles. I guess the market doesn't allow for too many manufacturers

-Many of them use generic, ugly looking boosters

-Most of them don't include brake lines, vacuum line and fittings but they can be ordered separately

-Most of them are pretty much identical, but the price can still vary $150-200 or so.

-Many of them use cheap, Chinese made hardware (bearings, seals and such)

The vendor I finally picked had a very reasonably priced kit, with a nice restoration grade booster (no Delco stamps though), answered all my e-mail promptly and delivered quickly. You'll get an idea of what to anticipate if you check the review I wrote, but in short: I'm sure that I didn't have any problems that you wouldn't have with any other kit. I haven't seen the seller on eBay lately, but you could send him an e-mail and see what he says.

Best of all: I already had some old part that I wanted to use, and I didn't have to buy a complete kit. He was more than happy to sell just the parts I needed.
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