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Compressor, Water Separators, Rubber Line

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Fellas -

Did a few searches and found some info on setting up hard lines in a shop/garage from the compressor to the tool end. My problem is that I'm active duty military, and will only be here for 1-3 more years, so I'm not inclined to plumb the garage with hard lines.

My setup right now is a 33 gallon 6 hp Sears compressor and the flexible rubber hose. I use it to run air tools, blast cabinet, and may try to paint with it, too. Right now, the water in the line does slow down the blasting process a bit.

Any info/ideas on where/how to minimize moisture in the rubber line?


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Scott, I asked a similar question a while back because of water in my lines. I to have rubber hoses at this point, but plan to add hard lines. One thing I found was that my water separator was mounted to close the compressor. I have since move it since the air coming out of the compressor is hot and the cooling of the air creates water in the lines. I also plan to add a water trap and had to buy a quality water separator. I ran the hose vertical up over the rafter from the water separator so it might make the water run back to the seperator. Rubadub recommended getting a "Sharpe F-88's" (water Separator) and said they are excellent and last forever". I'm not an expert on this subject, but so far I have not had water problems since buying a good water separator.
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