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Compressor, Water Separators, Rubber Line

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Fellas -

Did a few searches and found some info on setting up hard lines in a shop/garage from the compressor to the tool end. My problem is that I'm active duty military, and will only be here for 1-3 more years, so I'm not inclined to plumb the garage with hard lines.

My setup right now is a 33 gallon 6 hp Sears compressor and the flexible rubber hose. I use it to run air tools, blast cabinet, and may try to paint with it, too. Right now, the water in the line does slow down the blasting process a bit.

Any info/ideas on where/how to minimize moisture in the rubber line?


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You can buy black 3/4'' black pipe in different lengths, just drive a few nails in the studs and tie wire it up to the wall, then when you move just unscrew it and take it with you. Something like this, so its sloping somewhat, enough to cool the hot air out of the compressor.

Anyway just a thought.

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