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I got a fresh battery in the 71 and did some pre-start test. I wanted to make sure the mini starter was good to go. I noticed the clutch locking on the A/C compressor with the key off? Kind of odd. I removed the wire to the compressor and you can hear a relay clicking each time you put the cable on the battery. I haven't had time to break out the wiring diagram yet and trace the circuit. This was not a problem before the engine swap, kind of a puzzler??

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This is a feature unique to 71. There are two relays under the dash between the glove box and the firewall. They work together to apply power to the compressor clutch for a few seconds after turning off the engine. The load was intended to help kill the engine. Engine run-on or dieseling was a problem on the detuned early smog engines starting in 71. 72 and later used an idle solenoid. If a 71 had an automatic trans and no A/C it may of had an idle soleniod, I don't know for sure.

If the clutch stays energized you have a problem. You can remove the relays and install a single jumper for normal operation of the compressor clutch.

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Car is a factory air car with a TH350 trans. It had a 307 2B and we put the rat in it's place. I'll test her tonite for A/C clutch release after a few seconds. Thanks for the info.
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