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Color of power wire for blower motor...

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im not sure wehre to put this, so if it needs to be moved, please move it.

back in June when i did my engien swap. i chopped all my a/c wires off, because my a/c didnt work, and decided i didnt want it on anymore. well stupid me cut theblower motor power wire, now i have no defrosters, or a blower motor.

so does anybody know what color the blower motor wire is (the one coming out of the firewall in the engine compartment). is it the orange one? reason i ask is, i still have the wire with the plug on it, but i dont have it connected to any of the other wires that come out of the firewall, and the wire is purlple with a splice in it as well.


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It is the orange wire. If you have a 71-72, maybe a 70, maybe even other years, the plug at the end of the orange wire plugs into a solenoid looking thing in between the firewall and pass. side inner wheel well...tight squeeze, I've never actually seen what I pulled that orange wire out of...I have to change my heater core in my 72 and heard nothing but headache-type stuff about that job. So I just bypassed my heater core, heat's overrated anyways.
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