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Color of power wire for blower motor...

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im not sure wehre to put this, so if it needs to be moved, please move it.

back in June when i did my engien swap. i chopped all my a/c wires off, because my a/c didnt work, and decided i didnt want it on anymore. well stupid me cut theblower motor power wire, now i have no defrosters, or a blower motor.

so does anybody know what color the blower motor wire is (the one coming out of the firewall in the engine compartment). is it the orange one? reason i ask is, i still have the wire with the plug on it, but i dont have it connected to any of the other wires that come out of the firewall, and the wire is purlple with a splice in it as well.


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hey aaron

if you would like you can come down and check out all the wiring I've got here
maybe we can set you up with a harness to make that work again
also I've got those tires back and they are just sitting here
or we can wait till I bring the backhoe up there and I'll bring the tires with me
either way you would still be better off bringing the chevelle down here
what ever we find that might work for you - you can have for free
I will be home after 4:30

give a call just in case though
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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