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Code questions

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Just looking through my car for the build sheet(I might have to accept defeat) and noticed a code stamped on the dash underneath the glove box. What's that about? 40-1799

Also, I was under my car looking at the rear end and was wondering where to look for the numbers? I saw some cast numbers but nothing stamped yet. Would the rear end(if original to the car)explain what tranny I had? The car has the cross member for a manual.

Last thing, I was looking at the springs and noticed a piece of paper still left on the rear drivers side, I carefully removed it and the sticker is mostly gone but after cleaning it I noticed this number on it. 485688. Does that mean anything for the springs? I believe this car has the F40 suspension on it.


Edit: I located the other sticker on the opposite side but cannot remove it without destroying it. It has a faded H1 on it.
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Kind of depressing, but the code on the rear end is a CW. The bad news is it's not a Posi, the good news is it was a rear end that went with the 350 Horse engine that I suspect was in the car with the Tach redine at 5500.

Edit: Maybe someone can help me out, I misread the 350 for HP instead of Cubic Inches. Could you have a 350 horse engine with a CE rear end? Did a 5500 redline indicate a 350 horse engine only or did it work with a 325 horse engine as well?
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