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Clutch Fan Noise

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At engine RPM's above 3000 my 5 bladed clutch fan is extremely loud. It is so loud that I do not like to exceed 3000 RPM as it very noisy. I'm not sure if the noise I hear is fan-tip speed or the clutch its self but the noise is alarming. It is a belt driven system and today I removed the clutch and fan as a unit and drove the car with the water pump and alternator only. It is quiet at higher RPM's so the noise is coming from either the fan or the clutch. I'm unable to bolt the fan only directly to the water pump pulley without the clutch so isolating one from the other is not available with the equipment I have. Has any of you experienced a noisy fan clutch? As I read about fan clutches, I see where they are supposed to slip at higher RPM's and when the engine is cold. I believe my fan clutch is engaged all of the time and perhaps the noise I hear is the clutch complaining. Can someone recommend a quality fan clutch? I have SBC with a short water pump and minimal radiator clearance. If I replace the fan clutch I need one that is less than 3" deep. Here is what I have.
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When the fan stays locked up, it sounds like an airplane taking off, glad you found and fixed it, Happy Motoring!!
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