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Clutch adjustment

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The clutch in my 69 grabs at the top with little or no free play, its been this way for some time when I bought the car it had a ground up retoration and I was told the clutch was new. I have very few miles on it so i can't belive the clutch is worn out, how can i adjust the clutch so it starts to grab closer to the floor?
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If your clutch is going out of adjustmnt that often, then you have another problem. Sounds like you have a piece of linkage that is bending, once you set your clutch free travel on your pedal of an inch, that is it, it should not ever move except when the springs on your pressure plate get weak from age or heavy use. If you are shifting hard, it is normal to readjust pedal free travel every few months.

Are you using OEM linkage or after market linkage?
On the adjusting rod with the nut, try installing a lock washer there to prevent your adjustment from loosening up.

Hope this helps!


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