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Cloth Reproduction fan belts

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When I first put my L79 together I spent the extra money for reproduction belts. The alternator needed some shimming and the first time I wound it up both the AC and alternator belt flipped upside down. I hate the look of saw tooth belts but wondering if any body else has had an issue. The other day I took her through the gears and when I got home the AC belt was upside down. I noticed the cloth was worn on one side exposing the rubber beneath it. I did correct the alignment issue but the belt did still flip. Can I assume the belt is no longer usable and I should just buy a new one or the belts do not work well and I should just by a better belt. I really like the look of the repro's. Thanks

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I would think the L79 would have come with deep groove pulleys like the L78’s. Although my ‘67 L78 actually just had a standard pulley on the alternator from the factory, so mistakes were made on assembly lines! To this day haven’t been able to find a deep groove water pump pulley for my ‘67 L78, so I opted for the standard pulley....hope it works.

I. Never threw a water pump belt back in the day, however I threw the power steering belt off a few times. This makes me wonder if the factory messed up by not installing the cast iron deep groove p.s. pulley as well!

Don’t you wish fan belts were as cheap today as back in the day! LOL! What did they cost...something like $1.75?

I will have to deal the belt issue when I get by build done....hope it’s not a pain! I also don’t like the sawtooth belts...smooth is the only way to go!
Chevy only put deep groove pulleys on mechanical lifter cars. Corvette just carried them over from the L65 with the 3030 cam and kept using them for the hydraulic L79 engine. They do use quite a bit of HP with increased drag. Personally if this was not a number matching engine I would go with ribbed belts with an idler to keep them tight.
Correct! For some reason I have always mistakenly thought the L79 had solid lifters. Duh, I keep forgetting that, but the L79 is certainly a great engine!!
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