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Cloth Reproduction fan belts

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When I first put my L79 together I spent the extra money for reproduction belts. The alternator needed some shimming and the first time I wound it up both the AC and alternator belt flipped upside down. I hate the look of saw tooth belts but wondering if any body else has had an issue. The other day I took her through the gears and when I got home the AC belt was upside down. I noticed the cloth was worn on one side exposing the rubber beneath it. I did correct the alignment issue but the belt did still flip. Can I assume the belt is no longer usable and I should just buy a new one or the belts do not work well and I should just by a better belt. I really like the look of the repro's. Thanks

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this just recently happened to me. once the belt flipped and the rubber was exposed, i asked myself if the cost of the belt is worth possible engine damage. i say this because my belt flipped and stopped turning my water pump fast enough and the temps pegged the gauge. i saw it and stopped the engine. how it didn't lay waste to the heads i don't know. this was a cloth Gates belt. to me, if the rubber is exposed it is trash!! Good Luck!!
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