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You should contact "American Classic Restoration Inc. at (508)278-0020. They do all types of gauge repair and refinishing. Talk with Ken, he can do a quartz conversion for you with a 5 yr warranty. This conversion is very dependable and will out last a conventional repair.
Worth noting: With a quartz conversion you will lose the originall tic,tic,tic, movement of the second hand. Instead the second hand will sweep smoothly. Not a problem unless the judge is realy picky at a national event! You can also go on line at
Tell Ken that Brian from Norton, Ohio and Team Chevelle sent you.

I'm sending mine out along with a few gauges this week.


69' SS396 Chevelle
L78 396/375hp
M-21 Close Ratio
10 year Resto
It's brand new again!

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