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Clevite Pistons TC3173- anybody use these?

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Was wondering if anyone uses these here? My builder has a set but I am hesitant since they seem to be uncommon. They are cast units with a .180 dome .
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Heres what I am looking for, thanks for the specs. looks like a .123 dome which makes me feel better about the compression limit. I am looking to run pump gas in this. The factory dome was .180 and = 10:25:1 so I am hoping I will be ok with these.

Looking for mild streetable HP

68 396 325 HP with 215 heads


.051 over bore (got a deal on .020 over 4.125 bore pistons) with Clevite TC3173 cast pistons with .180 dome, iron rings (not moly of chrome)
.039 head gaskets, no decking or head resurfacing
Summit k1301 218/228* dur @ .050 .500/.500 cam and lifters straight up.
stock intake with 650 cfm edelbrock
stock manifolds
msd hei
Cloyes roller timing set
New bearings all around
stock oil pump
valve seals and or guides

My questions are:
Am I ok for compression ration and pump gas?
Will the cam require a stall (68 SS396 with T400 and 17" wheels, 3:55 rear)?


What are your goals for the engine? Here is a link for the specs Specs.pdf

They run about $30 each, so I hope he would cut you a good deal on them if they fit your needs.
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Thanks Bill, I will use the stock convertor vs. the 2400 I have in there now. I am planning on using the thicker head gasket. My builder told me he could machine the domes down some. You ever hear of this?


You will need to run 93 octane and you may want to consider a .041 head gasket if one is available.

I see no reason to run a stall speed converter as you cam duration is very mild. In fact you can even go to the K1302 cam if mpg is not a factor
Ok thanks, turns out my pistons have a .123 dome (as compared to the .180 stock piston) so I think I will leave them as is.


Cutting down the dome is a common practice for dialing in compression ratio.
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